We are the Open Source Election Technology (OSET) Foundation.

OSET is a seven-year-old non-profit public benefits corporation. We’re located in Silicon Valley and comprised of social entrepreneurs who are also seasoned technologists with extensive hardware, software, and systems design experience.

Our flagship effort is the TrustTheVote project.

This is a digital public works project to develop critical democracy infrastructure.

The TrustTheVote project is designing and developing open-standards-based elections technology in collaboration with election officials from all around the country.


Greg Miller
Co-Executive Director
and Chief Development Officer

Greg is an executive with over 24 years experience in the tech sector, working both in software and technology business development. His technical expertise includes user interface, distributed computing, and digital security.

He has significant product management/marketing experience in large firms and start-ups. He has spent the past seven years advising startup ventures. He’s also developed non-profit industry alliance projects.

John Sebes
Co-Executive Director
and Chief Technology Officer

John brings over 20+ years to bear as a technology architect—with deep expertise in digital information security and systems. His work with start-ups includes starting and growing organizations as well as work with experimental development projects.

The TrustTheVote projects brings together John’s passion for solving technical problems with his passion for the processes of democracy—in particular, voting.

TrustTheVote Project Team Members

Adam Winkworth

Anne O'Flaherty Pharr

Doug O'Flaherty

Jeff Pharr

Matthew Pettis

Robin Bahr

Aleks Totic

Barbara Coll

Evan Peiers

John Hornbaker

Patrick Reed

Tom Dyer

Aleksey Guriev

Brendan Hemingway

Hugh Dubberly

Jeffrey Valjean Cook

Paul Stenbjorn

Alex Mekelberg

David Pruter

Jane Brown

Marco Huerta

Pito Salas

Thanks to

The TrustTheVote Project team is deeply grateful for the assistance activity, contributions, and encouragement from several stakeholder organizations that have collaborated with us on the VoteStream Alpha effort:

  • California Office of the Secretary of State
  • Inyo County (CA) Elections
  • Los Angeles County (CA) Office of Registrar, Recorder,
    and County Clerk (RR-CC)
  • Los Angeles County (CA) RR-CC Information Technology
  • Los Angeles County (CA) RR-CC Office of Election Information
    and Preparation
  • Los Angeles County (CA) GIS Office
  • Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State
  • Minnesota Legislative GIS Office
  • Ramsey County (MN) Elections
  • San Mateo County (CA) Elections
  • Travis County (TX) Elections
  • Travis County (TX) Tax Office
  • United States National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Virginia State Board of Elections
  • Voting Information Project